Moving to a Land of opportunity Essay

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Moving to the Land of Opportunities We make many courageous decisions in our lives. Some of them turn out well, and some of them don’t. When I was seventeen years old, my senior year in high school; I found out that I have a chance to go to the Land of Liberty. I had heard so many different things about this country called the United States of America and I was warned that it would be nothing I’d expected. It was the toughest decision my family and I had to make. There were two sides of it, a positive side which could lead to lots of changes and many upsides in the future and a negative side full of sadness and leaving the past. It was a month of September in 2004 when my family, which includes my younger brother, and my parents, got a VISA to go to the United States. It was a challenging situation for my family that we discussed over and over because if we decided to leave India, we would have to sell all our assets, my dad would lose his profession which would have been hard to get back. Furthermore, we finally decided to move to the United States. On the day we left, fighting to hold the tears back, I sat restlessly in my seat with a cold blanket hiding my face. A long sixteen-hour flight lay ahead of me, during which time I could absorb the fact that I had just left my friends, my relatives, my culture, my country, as well as my home. I was torn between sadness at leaving my whole life behind and a feeling of anxiety and excitement at starting a new life in an unknown world. My life in India was completely hopeless because I was a decent student with not much interest in school. I spent the majority of my time playing video games. Rather than studying with my friends, as I had told my parents I would, I obsessed over the games. The only positive aspect to my life was my math and business skills. But, when we got here, my life was changed, hoping for a better

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