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Moving about B) Newton’s first law speaks of Inertia. The inertia of an object is its tendency to resist changes to its motion. Inertia is not a force; it is a property of all objects. Inertia is a serious problem in car accidents. As a passenger in a fast moving car that suddenly stopped (collision) you would continue to move at the high speed until a non-zero net force stopped you. Seat belts create a resisting force that would stop you, without it you would continue until you crashed into another object i.e. Dashboard or windscreen. Loose objects have potential energy when within a car the has kinetic energy, when a car traveling at speed stops suddenly (collision) the loose objects become projectiles (kinetic Energy) and pose threat to passengers in the vehicle, these projectiles won’t stop until acted upon. Cargo Barriers in cars prevent loose objects from causing harm to passengers in front of the barrier in accidents. Inertia Reel seatbelts allow passengers in cars some free movement while they are worn, however in the event of a sudden change of velocity in the car the lock and restrain the occupant. This system operates using a pendulum, which obeys Newton’s First Law of motion. C) Seat Belts A properly worn seat belt provides good protection but does not always prevent injuries. Three point lap/sash seat belts offer superior protection to two point seat belts and should be installed in all seating positions. Recent improvements to seat belt effectiveness include: • webbing clamps that stop more seat belt reeling out as it tightens on the spool • pretensioners that pull the seat belt tight before the occupant starts to move • load limiters that manage the forces applied to the body in a crash • seat belt warning systems to remind you if seat belts have not been fastened. Air Bags: Australian airbags are designed to supplement the

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