Movies And Televisions Should Always Show Audience Essay

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An excellent movie of television series , bringing pleasure to audience and inspiring thoughts about topics, shall include recreations , romance, conflict , morality and other elements required .Among all, to judge the one ,which can not be eliminated , is not easy for directors . Actually , compared with recreation to relax the nerve of audience , romance to add to emotion and conflict to promote the whole process , morality ,which means good people being rewarded and bad people being punished , is the basis of a movie or television series to make . Morality is essential in a movie because its correctness , especially by conveying judging standards on individuals , on families or on society , concerns to a great extent mentalities of teenagers and adults. A lot of film-makers express their standards to value the morality of human beings through films. In Seven Sins conducted by Davi Fincher, seven typical people , each with one sin which human beings are involved with , are killed by violence of criminals . The movie ,although consist of violent scenes and immersed in pessimism , is still a morality-thinking movie, which gives severe punishments to people of lust , greed , sloth , envy ,wrath and gluttony. Audience , especially for teenagers , will realize the severity of punishments on bad people after watching. Then ,all those qualities ,making morality of a person eroded, are rooted in their mind .The alerting function acts when young people have tendencies to touch with them compared with honesty ,industriousness, sincerity and politeness ,which fill their mind with anticipations towards the future life. Good manner of one always influences those who always make contact with him, definitely improving manner of them as well. Thus, a correct moral standard to judge what makes a person degrade and what improve behavior of one will , in a long way , forms in
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