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Movies Essay

  • Submitted by: annefcee
  • on February 22, 2012
  • Category: English
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Watching Movies has become habit or major entertainment in our society. Some families watch movies as a source of bonding time after their individual day.   Movies are shown in places we can easily approach; places like cinema, and simply at home. Both places have pros and cons. Sometimes, movie theaters have what homes don’t have but, also don’t have what homes do have. This case is applied to the same way to homes.
                If you prefer watching movie at home, the pros are that you can have your family time. You get to watch anything you want. You have family privacy while you are talking, sharing, and commenting about the movie; and that can really improve your family relationship. Moreover, you are more likely to focus on watching because of the familiar atmosphere around you which gives you security. Also, if you are confused or unsure about something, you can always pause and ask what’s going on to your family members. Furthermore; you can rewind and fast forward. You can wear pajamas or any cozy clothes. Having time leisure is another advantage of watching movies at home. There is no time limit; such as certain time for entering into the movie. You don’t have to hurry up to not miss the movie.   It’s free with unlimited time, in fact; you can have a whole family movie marathon.   But, on the other hand, if you are watching movie at home, you are more likely to spill your soda or smear your caramel on your sofa which then your mom is going to start nagging and become mad at you. Furthermore, there is disadvantage of watching movie through small screen with low volume.  
                If you choose to go to the movie theater, you feel the hang of watching the movie by being surrounded by other people, and night view. Furthermore, it’s a brilliant and dazzling atmosphere to be in surrounded by; more interesting and vast views that come into your sight. In fact, Indulging in the cinema experience is profoundly memorable. Plus, there is a big screen...

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