Movie Theater?, I Think Not Essay

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Movies are a great deal of entertainment in today’s society. It’s not every day one wants to go to the movies to watch a movie when they can easily see it at home. There is such a huge difference between seeing a movie at home and going to the theater to see a movie. Watching movies at home has its benefits and faults as well as being in a theater. The cost just to see a movie is expensive, let alone the snacks you still have to purchase. Being in a theater and having to use the bathroom is the complete worst. After sitting in the theater for more than an hour the loud volume setting begins to give me a migraine and the seats are nearly uncomfortable. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion when it comes to Movie Theaters VS. movies at home, but I’m more concerned about my own. Every experience I’ve had at a theater was not exactly a cup of tea. The cost to enter the theater is around 12 bucks, popcorn is about 6 bucks for a small, a small drink is 4 bucks and 50 cents, and a small box of candy is 4 bucks; which is a little too expensive for me. Workers at the theater do not allow you to bring in your own food so you have no choice but to buy there over priced snacks. As appose to home I can eat whatever I want for the cost of nothing at all. After finding a good seat 30 minutes into the movie you realize you have to use the bathroom. By this time you don’t want to get up because the movie has gotten really good and there’s no way to pause it to so you could go so you miss a few minutes. The loud volume setting in the theater is the complete worst. The booming and banging is by far the most disturbing thing. Loud volume in the theater gives me a migraine after 45 minutes so by that time I am no longer into the movie. Lastly thins brings me to the lovely seats the theater has. These seats are the worst seats ever. Those seats are the most uncomfortable seating

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