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KINE 296 / Movie Sheet #1 – The Blind Side Last Name______________ First Name____________________ The following questions need to be typed before coming to class and bring this sheet with you to class. What year was this movie released? ____2009_________ What awards did The Blind Side win? Best actress at the Academy Awards, Best actress at the critics choice awards, Best sports movie at the EPSY awards, Best actress at the golden globes, Oustanding performance by a female lead at the Screen actors guild awards, Favorite movie actress at the people choice awards and favorite drama movie and actress at the teen choice awards. Who is considered the “Father of American Football’? What sport did American football originate from? Walter Camp is considered the Father of American Football. . American Football originated from the English game of Rugby. When did pro football first begin? The NFL started in what year? Pro football first began in 1892. The NFL started in 1920. What was the budget of this film? ____29 million___________ Box office receipts? _______255 million______________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ Answer the following questions while watching the movie. 1. Describe the scene when Leigh Ann first talks to “Big Mike” 2. Michael Oher’s 8th grade aptitude test scored him in the 98% (percentile) in what category? 3. What DVD was sent by S.J. (Sean Jr.) to the college coaches to watch (Briefly describe)? 4. What does the NCAA investigator tell Michael they are fearful of (Boosters)? 5. Michael is NFL draft pick # _________ and ends up playing for__________________________. After watching this film rank it from 1 to 10 (1 = didn’t like and 10 = really enjoyed it) __________

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