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Movie review: Law Abiding Citizen. Law Abiding Citizen is a movie that falls under the genre of crime/ drama/ thriller written by Kurt Wimmer and directed by F. Gary Gray. The movie was released in November 2009 and was voted the top box office film in 2010. It received mostly negative reviews from critics but was nominated for several awards. The film is about vengeance, corruption and justice. The opening scene shows Clyde Shelton (Main Character, Gerard Butler) at home with his wife and daughter and gives the notion of a happy family. The mood soon changes when two intruders, Ames and Darby, break into the home and attack the family, resulting in the brutal murder of Shelton’s Wife and Daughter. The intruders are caught and taken to trial, however, the D.A., Nick Rice (Main Character, Jamie Foxx) only has circumstantial evidence. Darby makes a deal with Rice to testify against Ames in order to receive a short sentence, causing Shelton to lose all faith in the justice system and inspiring him to take matters into his own hands. The movie then skips forward ten years, where Ames is being executed, however his execution goes awry and it becomes evident that the execution had been interfered with. Darby is then found murdered while on parole. Shelton is soon arrested, though this is just the start of Shelton’s vengeance, as he aims to take down the justice system and targets the individuals who played a role in the deal that saw Darby serve a short sentence. Although Shelton is behind bars, members of the justice system are being killed at a rapid pace, how the killings are being executed remains a mystery until the final scenes of the movie. Rice leads the team trying to stop Shelton, though this proves to be a difficult task as Shelton remains one step ahead throughout. The most thrilling scene in the movie comes when Shelton takes revenge against

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