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Bradley Mar Block 2 History 12 Historical Movie Review: Invictus The film “Invictus” exaggerates the real-world events of 1995, when newly introduced South African President Nelson Mandela urged his country to come together to support its rugby team, the Springboks, when South Africa hosted the Rugby World Cup. In the film, it is shown that the team was, to many South Africans, a hated symbol of racism, cheered by the white population but rooted against by the unhappy native Africans. The opening scene is great because it shows how when Mandela's car passes by a field, on one side of a fence, are black children in awe while, on the other side, white boys, practicing rugby, are told to return to their game as the coach points out that. The scene effectively depicts the unrest at the time. Mandela is shown as the lone voice arguing for the African National Congress to back rugby as a way of offering an olive branch to white Africans. Mandela argued to keep the Springbok as the team's emblem against Congress opposition, which isn't accurately shown through the film's vote scene of how the event really happened. In real life, Mandela showed that team's emblem was a matter of national security. For Mandela, he had enormous difficulty selling the sport of rugby to his own supporters. During the World Cup competition, he was booed by an National Congress crowd when he wore a Springboks cap. " The movie correctly shows that when he walked out on to the pitch before the World Cup final in the green Springbok jersey, mostly the White African audience was won over, and cheered for Mandela. Through some digging I found out that the final versus the All Blacks was electrifying. In the movie, the game itself felt boring and lacking the fiery spirit of the players. The movie only shows players running around tackling each other in slow motion and with glum music and loses

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