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Movie Review Jeanni e Shaub 12/03/2011 American History I/ Professor Kenneth Ambler Pocahontas (by Disney) was the movie I chose. I wanted to take an opportunity to exam how our media sources are presenting history to our kids. I am not sure that I have ever seen Pocahontas if I have it was many years ago. Pocahontas tells the story of Pocahontas’s tribe meeting the Europeans as they came to America. The story begins the Europeans are setting sail across the great ocean headed for the New World. Their primary reason for going to the new world is to find the gold believed to be there. The characters they establish are those of the ship, Governor Ratcliff and Captain John Smith as well as few others. Thomas is one of the other characters that we meet on the ship, as he ends up falling overboard. Captain John Smith becomes the hero in the story as he dives in after Thomas, and he saves his shipmate. Next we shift in movie to the new world and the Indians going about their lives. Pocahontas’s father is Chief Powhatan. The Chief is setting Pocahontas up with the tribes’ strongest warrior. Pocahontas is a free thinker and enjoys life and the world around her. She feels the strong warrior is too serious for her, she remarks a couple of times that he doesn’t smile. It bothers Pocahontas that warrior is unable to find joy in living. The ship arrives and John Smith goes out wondering around exploring this new world where they have arrived. To his surprise he discovers a young Indian maiden, Pocahontas. John Smith and Pocahontas quickly connect and bond, and fall in love. The Indians where afraid of the Europeans’ and the Europeans saw the Indians to be standing in the way of getting to the gold they

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