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Movie Review

  • Submitted by: elesah
  • on October 15, 2012
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Eng. Comp
7 September 2012
Forrest Gump Movie Review
Forrest Gump was directed by Robert Zemicks. The movie won over many hearts.   The magnificent movie was released July 6, 1994. Although the movie is over eighteen years old, you would not know by watching it. The movie has not been remade or revamped, nor does it have to be. It is still as entertaining in 2012 as it was in 1994. Before it was the first-rate movie it has now become, it was a novel by Winston Groom. Although Winston Groom didn’t receive any royalties or credit, the movie deservingly won the Academy Award for Best Picture in 1994. Zemicks also was awarded Best Director because of the brilliant film. Because of the prestigious and wonderful actors and the historical theme Forrest Gump is very entertaining to a wide variety of people.
Tom Hanks won Best Actor when he played Forrest Gump. Although Tom Hanks is intelligent and went to Chabot College in California, he perfectively portrays a man with an extremely low IQ.   He speaks slowly and uses poor grammar to demonstrate how unintelligent his character is. When Forrest Gump says, “Stupid is what stupid does” he depicts his character as a man who acknowledges the fact that he isn’t intelligent, but isn’t going to let that determine who he is as a person. Tom Hanks was the glue that held this movie together. Even though he performed magnificently, he couldn’t have made the movie alone. Forrest Gump describes his relationship with Jenny like “peas and carrots”. Not only were the characters inseparable, the two actors made it convincing as though they were best friends in real life for years. Tom Hanks and his counterpart Robin Wright made the movie what it is. Robin Wright was nominated for best actress in a supporting role at the Golden globes for her performance as Jenny Curran. Robin Wright’s character is cutting edge. Her character added maturity and rebelliousness to the film. Jenny and Forrest Gump’s crossed paths multiple times as they...

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