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Movie Review

  • Submitted by: alisayong
  • on October 8, 2012
  • Category: Psychology
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On 14th March 2012, a movie named The Ron Clark Story was showed in the PSY 212 Educational Psychology class as part of the movie review assignment.   The movie was mainly about an elementary school teacher who moved to New York to teach in one of the worst schools in town.   Despite discouragement from his parents and the principal of the school, he managed to gain trust and build a strong bond with the children in his class using effective teaching strategies.
Many techniques that Ron Clark used in the movie are coherent with certain behavioural theory such as contingency contracting.   The scene where he offered to drink chocolate milk every 15 seconds if the students are willing to listen to his teaching is based on contingency contracting.  
According Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, safety is one of the needs that need to be fulfilled before proceeding to higher levels such as intellectual achievement (Moreno, 2010).   Students have to obtain physical and emotional safety in order to perform well in school (Moreno, 2010).   In movie, Ron Clark has provided his students an emotionally safe environment by emphasizing on respect.   For example, when he confronted Julio about stealing, he did it privately after other students have left the classroom.   By doing this, he protected Julio’s image and reputation from his peers. He treated Julio as a living being who deserves respect.   Another aspect from Maslow’s hierarchy of needs which can intrinsically motivate students to learn is feeling accepted or can be known as relatedness and belonging (Moreno, 2010).   When students feel accepted, they believe that their teachers and peers care deeply about them (Moreno, 2010).   Sense of belonging also positively related to self-efficacy, academic achievement and the pursuit of certain responsibility goals (Anderman &Anderman, 1999, as cited in Moreno, 2010).   In this movie, Ron Clark consistently exhibit positive regard and empathy to his students regardless of their ethnic and...

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