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Alexander Hayes American History X “My brother Derek” is how Danny, one of the main characters of the movie, begins the paper assigned to him by his teacher Professor Sweeny. Professor Sweeny assigns him this paper in an attempt to help Danny realize that the pool of hatred and white power propaganda that he is immersed in is not beneficial and will ruin his life in the end. This concept of self realization and reform is the main driving force behind this movie. The idea that racism and violent hatred can be unlearned and replaced by understanding shows up all through out the movie. Danny's professor depicts the idea of unlearning by being a teacher and assigning him a paper in the hope that he will unlearn it. Danny's older brother Derek, who was a devout neo-nazi, unlearns his prejudices in a more subtle fashion by spending time in prison where he befriends a black man and is gang raped by the other neo-nazi's he had once considered his brothers. Obviously when one is raped by those that one previously trusted a deep emotional rift is formed separating the two parties. Another primary message the movie portrays is the fact that hating another person due to their race is still alive within our country but that it is not something that should ever appear attractive to any rational person. The characters that play the parts of the neo-nazi group members as well as the characters that play the parts of the various negative minority roles are not people that anyone would ever want to be. The prominent Neo-nazi character Seth is an obese, poor, ignorant man that sings white power songs as he drives his bug extermination van. In contrast the black character Henry is a wannabe gang banger who bullies a weaker boy in the bathroom and culminates the movie by shooting Danny in that same bathroom. These are not people that anyone should want to be. The role model

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