Movie Response on James Cameron's Avatar

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In the sci-fi film Avatar, directed by James Cameron, Jake Sully is a character that changed his views of his race, Pandora and its indigenous population. This idea is shown through two major events in the film, using a variety of both visual and verbal film techniques. One is Quarich telling Jake to spy on the Na’vi and the other is during the final battle when Jake and Quarich fight one-on-one. The first event that allows the audience to become aware of Jake’s intentions on Pandora is at the beginning of the film. This is shown through camera shots, dialogue and music. These work well together to show Jake’s initial thoughts were to replace his brother and to take the huge sums of money offered by his employers. When Jake wheeled himself off the plane and into his new environment he compared himself to many of the other soldiers he saw, that were working as mercenaries on Pandora. He said “Out here they’re just hired guns, taking the money.” This shows many of the soldiers on Pandora don’t care about the environment and just want money. Jake was okay with this. When Jake was first getting orientated in his new home he was asked to report to Col. Quarich. Quarich talked to Jake about spying on the Na’vi for him. During this briefing camera shots were used to make Jake look weak and almost nervous against Quarich. Upward angles showed Quarich as being in charge and downward angles portrayed Jake as being weaker than Quarich. This is because upward angle shots make a character look more intimidating. This is supported by Jake being in a wheelchair as it made him look vulnerable compared against Quarich’s giant mech suit. Despite all this Jake was willing to help Quarich kill all the Na’vi so that industry could make a profit. This links into the reason James Cameron made the film. He wanted to create a film about how industry is destroying nature. He says industry
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