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Weather movie ratings should be banned or not is a growing concern in our country. During my research I discovered many interesting theories and opinions as to why movie ratings should not be banned. The first reason I think they should not be banned is that parents want movies to be suitable for their children. Another reason why they shouldn’t be banned is that movie viewers want to have an idea of what kind of movie they are going to watch. The third reason movie ratings shouldn’t be banned is that movie ratings can be used as constructive criticism by the director. Even though movie ratings are based on bias opinions, and your personal interpretation may vary from the ratings given. They still give parents an idea of what their children watch. An example of how the ratings are helpful to parents is: a parent might have a child that is 11 years old. This child may want to watch a movie like the film Employee of the Month which happens to be rated PG13. Having read the movie rating, this caring and concerned parent would not allow their child to view this film. Another argument as to why movie ratings shouldn’t be banned is that they warn the parent or viewer of the level of offensive content in the movie. The last reason as to why movie ratings shouldn’t be abandoned is that there is no excuse for parents to complain to places that sell movie like block buster and wall mart about the content of the movie. This is because ratings are displayed boldly on both the entire home entertainment package and the videocassettes and DVDs themselves. The person viewing the film would want to have a good idea of what they’re getting themselves into. If there were no movie ratings somebody going to view a film could find that they’ve wasted time and money to see a movie that had content which was too offensive for they’re taste. The second reason why movie ratings

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