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Today,I’d like to show you a film about a rat. The film named Ratatouille, (meaning of ratatouille: dish; but here this title has another comprehension, we divide this word into 3 parts, in French, touille means mix, so a rat cooks. This story has happened in a 5 stars Paris’s restaurant which named Gusteau. Our hero is not human, is a rat, whose name is Remy. His dream is to be a 5 stars restaurant’s chef. Remy’s counterpart is the human Linguini, a bumbling but eager young cook's assistant who is the lowest in the culinary caste system at Gusteau's. Gusteau is a once-great Paris restaurant’s chef, but unfortunately he has died. In his place is the scheming Skinner, whose attempts to exploit the Gusteau name at the expense of quality includes a proposed line of TV dinners. Before Gusteau is a famous restaurant, but it only has 3 stars today, why, because of Anton Ego, his critic controls this restaurant’s future. Remy’s brother Emile eats garbage without thinking, and his father Django is stereotype, he told Remy don’t trust human, they are unbelievable. Remy and his family of rats living a decent life on the garbage of a country cottage. That's not good enough for Remy. Though, he is a rat with an impeccable sense of smell, and watching the cottage owner's TV and reading her cookbooks has given him a gourmand's sense for mixing foods and flavors. At the beginning of the film, our gourmet Remy uses lightning to sear a mushroom to perfection, and then raids the local pantry for saffron. After that, Remy had been separated from his family, he found Linguini in Gusteau, then, Remy and Linguini become a team, Remy ends up playing puppet-master to Linguini and Skinner tries to stop them. It’s amazing that you see a rat hide under a chef's hat. Remy finds himself torn between following his dreams and returning forever to his previous existence as a rat. He

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