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1. What film did you watch? The film that I watched was My Family 2. Give a brief summary of what the movie is about. The movie, My family/Mi Familia follows a Mexican-American family through three generations, beginning in the 1930s. José Sanchez arrives in California from Mexico and lands a job as a gardener to wealthy families. He meets and marries Maria, and they have six children. They are separated early in the movie when a pregnant Maria is unjustly deported, and her dangerous journey home with an infant son sets up a haunting an scary returne back home to los Angeles, mystical thread that runs throughout the movie. Paco, the eldest son (and the film's narrator), is an aspiring writer. Irene marries and opens a restaurant with her husband. Toni, becomes a nun, but later shocks her parents when she finds her true calling in life. Guillermo, or "Memo," becomes a lawyer. Two sons appear as more flagrant rebels. In the 1958 part, Chucho, sells drugs and sometimes fights with a rival gang leader. Jimmy, is the youngest of the family and the core of the film. As an adult in 1978, he's an ex-con who follows in Chucho's footsteps and harbors a deep hurt over a tragedy he witnessed as a boy. His world changes when he marries Isabel, a maid in danger of being deported back to El Salvador. Isabel eventually gets pregnant by Jimmy but doesn’t survive the birth of her child. Jimmy then is stuck raising he’s child but has a rough time doing so. 3. In what country or region of the world does the story take place? What cultural group(s), or sub-culture(s), are represented? The movie covers plenty of ground and manages to portray the issues that are unique to the Latino community. The beginning of the movie takes place in the early 20th century in Mexico. It focuses on the desire for a better life in America. Later, a family is started in East Los Angeles, and members

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