Movie Psychoanalysis Essay

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Kyle Meehan Movie project Mommie Dearest Joan Crawford: Joan Crawford’s character as described in Mommie Dearest by her daughter Christina obviously depicts a deeply disturbed psyche that influences her life in a multitude of negative ways. She appears to suffer from a high functioning form of OCD, always obsessing that things be immaculate, clean, and orderly and that she has control of every situation. When her obsessions are not satisfied she bursts into a fit of rage as seen in the “wire hanger” scene in which she beats her own daughter mercilessly for nearly nothing. Her extreme obsessions also stem from a tremendous narcissism, always insisting to be the best and going to great lengths to preserve her image in others eyes as well as her own. Her unhealthy self-love can be seen in her relationships in which she uses sex to control men and always appears to have a hand on them, especially turning to sex when the man gains any sort of will or power to insult or leave her. Because of this narcissism she is extremely self-centered, trusting no one and even attacking her family when they disrupt her perfection. Her damaging and corrosive psyche was likely caused by the pressures of the movie industry in which she claims to have worked her up form nothing. The pressures of competition and treachery have caused her to from extremely egotistical defense mechanisms that prevent her from normal interaction with other people, even her own children. As for her insecurities and ensnaring of men for her own benefit it is possible that she may have had an abusive father or a domineering mother who was likely divorced, abandoned, or abused, obsessing her with the need to have power over men either as compensation for her powerless childhood or as a result of her mother’s teachings and distrust of men. An abusive relationship with one of her parents or even a male
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