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Harry Haynes The movie Juno is a film about two high school teenagers who decide to have unprotected sex. Two months later Juno (Ellen Page) finds out that she is pregnant and decides to put the baby up for adoption. It was an alright film in my opinion but, it was not very realistic. The film makes pregnancy seem so easy to go through. It does not show everything that a pregnant women has to go through. For example, the nausea and puking. Having mood swings and being extremely emotional. Being in a lot of pain like your breast being very tender and sensitive, having very bad cramps and not to mention your nose being sensitive to very smell which triggers the feeling of wanting to puke all the time. Craving food all the time and not just any type of food but food that you wouldn’t normally eat or that normally wouldn’t go together like peanut butter and pickles. The one thing that the film does good to point out is that Juno (Ellen Page) does have to go through some very adult things like having to give up her baby because she knows she is not mentally or financially ready to have a baby. Juno (Ellen Page) comes up with giving up the baby for adoption all on her own without the help of her parents. So overall the film is a good one but, it just is missing some important key facts about going through a

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