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Movie Critique Amber D. Prather ENG225: Introduction to Film Erik Hudak October 18, 2011 Introduction Movies can invoke numerous feelings in the hearts and minds of the audience. For filmmakers, sometimes this can be the sole purpose for making a film. I consider myself a movie buff. There is nearly nothing I love more than buying a new movie and curling up on my couch to watch it. Since I do consider myself to be very interested in watching multiple movies, it was difficult for me to choose a movie to discuss for this project. I chose the movie, “A Lot Like Love,” this movie has been at the top of my go to list for a romantic comedy since I first saw it. I will describe the movie in detail and give examples to show how this movie flows and make my reader feel like they need to see the film. Storytelling The film, “A Lot Like Love,” came out in 2005, starring Ashton Kutcher as Oliver, and Amanda Peet as Emily. The story begins set in the 1990’s on a flight from Los Angeles to New York. Emily is an insecure girl, who has just suffered a break up from her boyfriend, and she instigates a sexual encounter in the airplane bathroom, just to make herself feel better. They end up running in to each other in New York and spend some time together, they make a bet about where Oliver will be in a few years, and he gives Emily his parents’ phone number so that he can prove her wrong. They part ways with no intention of keeping in touch when they get back to LA, and they don’t. A couple years pass, and once again, Emily finds herself single, her boyfriend breaks up with her just before New Year’s Eve, crushed, she desperately looks through her phone book for a date to the New Year’s Eve party she is obligated to attend. She find’s Oliver’s number from years before and decides to call. Surprisingly he is at his parents’ house, and agrees to come over and

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