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After watching and reviewing many well- known American films in this class, it is our turn to submit our favorite movies and justify their importance in the film industry. Out of all the movies I have seen, the only one that stuck out as having a profound emotional impact with me was the 2004 film, Crash, directed by Paul Haggis. This movie deals largely with issues of racism, all taking place among a mixed group of people in Los Angeles. Graham, a police detective, stars in this movie with a mother who cares more about Graham’s criminal brother than himself. Graham is played by Don Cheadle. Graham works alongside his partner, Ria (Jennifer Esposito), who is also his girlfriend. Throughout the movie, we notice Ria and Graham’s relationship is starting to fall apart because of Graham’s emotional distancing. The fact that Graham is African-American and Ria is Hispanic, doesn’t help their on-the-edge relationship. Brendan Frasier plays the part of L.A. District Attorney Rick. Rick’s wife, Jean (Sandra Bullock) doesn’t try hard to keep her hatred of blacks, Hispanics, and everyone else not like her, a secret. Jean’s stereotypes of African-Americans comes true when her Lincoln Navigator is stolen by two African –American men, Anthony and Peter (played by Chris Bridges a.k.a. Ludacris and Larenz Tate, respectively). Anthony is similar to Jean in that he hates white people as much as Jean hates blacks. His partner-in-crime, Peter is more open minded about white people, and doesn’t take to heart what Anthony says. Cameron (Terrence Howard) is an up and coming television producer. Cameron and his wife, Christine (Thandie Newton) are pulled over by the L.A.P.D. and Christine is given an unlawfully inappropriate search by Officer Ryan (Matt Dillon). Officer Hansen (Ryan Phillippe), Ryan’s new partner can’t do anything but look on and object. Hispanic

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