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What about Bob? Analysis and Character Theory What about Bob? Abstract The movie is centered on Bob, a man who possesses many maladaptive qualities. Agoraphobia, is seen very early in the movie, based on Bob’s unwillingness to enter crammed or small public places, such as an elevator or a bus. Anxiety from these fears leads Bob to break down into cold sweating, and heavy breathing, but this does not mean he is in any real pain. However, Bob manages to overcome his fears throughout the movie, as seen when he opens the door without his signature handkerchief to catch a ride with Anna. Dr. Leo Marvin has an obsession with Sigmund Freud, or at least idolizes him. This can be seen throughout the movie, most notably the bust he has in his office. Dr. Marvin’s book, Baby Steps, is colored yellow, which is the color most associated to memory. Not only are all Marvin’s books yellow, he also appears to have written several volumes, further perpetuating that Marvin is a narcissist. Narcissism is characterized by dramatic or emotional behavior (Mayo Clinic 2011). Marvin’s family, with the exception of Fae Marvin, are named after psychologists. Marvin seems to care more about success than anything, and treats his offspring as if they are patients. Marvin develops a jealousy of Bob in the midst and near the end of the movie. This is because Bob manages to convince Siggy to dive through the help of reverse psychology, a task Marvin could not accomplish through his own methods. Both Marvin and Bob seek attention. Marvin wants recognition, while Bob merely wants company, more specifically, a family he never had. Marvin’s ill decision to advise Bob mere minutes before his vacation is an obvious breach in protocol. This is ironic, since Marvin seems to know all the other boundaries when he tells Bob on

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