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FILM ANALYSIS BASED ON SOCIALIST REALISM THEORY INTRODUCTION Definition of Socialist Realism Socialist realism is a Marxist aesthetic doctrine that seeks to promote the development of socialism through didactic use of literature, art, and music. The theory of Socialist Realism was adopted by the Congress of Soviet Writers in 1934. Socialist Realism demanded that all art must depict some aspect of human's struggle toward socialist progress for a better life. It stressed the need for the creative artist to serve the proletariat by being realistic, optimistic and heroic. The doctrine considered all forms of experimentalism as degenerate and pessimistic. In other words, this theory also happened in some communist countries, that art, music and literature should be used to show people the principles of a socialist society and encourage them to support it. In this analysis, we would like to analyze a movie entitled In Darkness based on theory of Emile Durkheim. He was born on April 15, 1858 in Epinal, capital town of the department of Vosges, in Lorraine. He was one of the figures behind the classical social theories besides Karl Marx and Max Weber. According to Emile Durkheim about the social theory is consisting of norms and values. The social theory which was explained by Emile has become a social structural functional. In this movie will be explained based on Emile’s theory, he described his theory into several views. First, social facts which are consisting of way of acting, thinking, and feeling that are beyond the individual and have the power to force a control and Durkheim argued that to force here was same as norm ,and do not force like custom and personal feeling. Second, social solidarity which refers to the state of the relationship between individuals and or groups that are based on moral feelings and beliefs held together reinforced by our

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