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Pather Panchali Offers University’s Name Submitted by Names: Tutor: 13th February 2013 The film Pather Panchali is derived from the novel Pather Panchali by Bibhutibhushan Bandopadhyay. Pather Panchali film was the first classic black and white film directed by Satyajit Ray. It created his reputation as the greatest and the most slime film maker to emerge in 1950’s. The Pather Panther film is considered as one of the greatest ever made film in the world, especially by non-English speaking communities (Rohn, 2009). The film was shot by inexperienced crew. The black and white nature of the film shows that, Ray is a natural film maker (Cooper, 2000). The slow pace of the movie makes it special as it captures the natural surroundings, and life if the rural settings of Bengali. The film lacks special effects and use of makeup. The simplicity used by then director in telling his story gives the viewers a feeling of universality (Seton, 2003). This is through stripping away superfluous elements, and drives the caring emotion towards Hira’s family. Produced after the Second World War the time where neo-realism was the most in thing at that time. The film received a lot of critics from different angles especially by signing off neo-realistic nature to the film, but the critics changed their views about the film as it opened up the world to the natural beauty, and life struggling encountered by people in the rural places of third world countries (Williams, 2002). The film begins with Durga, the daughter of Harikhar and Sarbojaya, stealing guavas from their well off neighbor’s orchard, and taking them to her old toothless aunt to eat. Harikhar is a local priest, a poet and a dreamer whom family has been stricken by poverty, and tries to make the ends meet. His wife Sarbojaya represents the role of women in society, though her husband does not

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