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The movie ‘Chocolat’ have a scene where key phenomena of helping behaviour occurs. The main character of the movie (Vienne) tries to help a woman name Josephine because her husband is trying to physically abuse her. The scene starts out where Josephine is sleeping at Vienne’s chocolate shop trying to avoid her abusive husband. He aggressively breaks in to the chocolate shop and tries to enter the room where Vienne and Josephine are. Vienne moves the bookcase in front of the door to block him from coming into the room but he is way stronger and eventually breaks into the room. He grabs Josephine’s hair and tries to get her out of the chocolate shop. Vienne runs towards him to stop him but he kicks her down to the floor and starts to choke her. Josephine then grabs frying pan and hits her husband’s head and he gets knocked down. Both Vienne and Josephine laughs out loud. This is the scene where I’m going to discuss about key phenomena, helping behaviour. I will be analyzing what influences helping others and reasons for helping others. I will also be using social exchange theory and also bystander effect relating to the scene. The phenomena I have chosen is helping behaviour. I believe that this phenomenon is relevant to the scene not just because there was physical help but also there was moral support. The bystander effect is where people are less likely to offer help if other people are also present and the probability that a person will receive help decreases as the number of people present increases (SparkNotes Editors, 2005). Also, Diffusion of responsibility has relation to bystander effect. People will not feel as responsible for helping someone if other people are present since responsibilities is distributed among all those present (SparkNotes Editors, 2005). The research shows that people are more likely to offer help in certain circumstances such

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