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Inception: Architecture of the Self Student Name: Allison Chang 1) When Leonardo was talking to his wife before she kill herself, he was saying "when you fall you will die and there is nothing after that there is no life. When you fall to death when you pledge in to your grave, there is nothing there. He had a good knowledge of his unconscious and he also know the difference between be unconscious and all the inter world and the outer world. so he was not religious he was not spiritual. 2) 3) The unconscious was considered a larger world the conscious mind that is very true we spent a huge amount of time in the unconscious we spend a huge amount time is dreams and daydreaming and in inspiration hits that may have all these great things. The unconscious in the movie takes note of what is going on in the outside world to get splashed in the dream. I thought that was great because that is what the infant’s death and the unconscious take very careful note of what is happening in our day-to day activities. When I try to figure out a dream that I've had is to look at what happened that day that provoked bring a conscious is very sensitive to what's going on in the day. 4) He blamed himself for responsible for her suicide. There was a relationship between the conscious and the conscious, the wife his female side and so that she was constantly coming up to trip up his activities. If you repress and if you abandoned if you reject aspects of yourself they will rise up and trip you up and oppose you. So I think this is why she keeps appearing every time he dreams. 5) 6) The final scene seems to indicate that he may be still dreaming because his totem keeps spinning. The important thing is that Cobb finally released the monster in his heart. And now he finally reunited with his children in the projection or reality. Referring to the

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