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American History X is a story of a young skinhead who lives by anger and violence. One would think that America as a more modern society is moving forward with affirmative action, equal rights, and government laws allowing immigrants and refugees to become U.S. citizens; however, American History X shows racism at its worst through the eyes of a young teenager Daniel. It is an interesting movie that shows the social effects of racism and indiscriminant hatred. An important scene in exploring these themes is when the Vineyard's family is seen at dinner one evening, and Derek is excited about some of the things he is learning in a literature class and it's a book about a black man. His dad thinks the literature class should not be changed to focus just on a black author. Then, he goes on to tell Derek about some black men on his job that received jobs over more qualified white men. He makes some racists comments and advises Derek to be skeptical about things that promote blacks and minorities such as affirmative action. The point of this scene is of course to show where the seed of racism had been planted. Derek's father is killed fighting a fire at a crack house, and he assumes it belongs to a black man; the hate seed begins to grow. With no father he turns to a skinhead group and becomes the leader. Through the manipulations of an older more devious racist man Cameron, plays the behind the scenes culprit who promotes the skinhead group. He has other people acting out his orders, so he can keep his record clean. The skinheads grow in numbers in the Venice Beach area that has seen an increase in minorities and crime. The skinheads are upset because white businesses and jobs have been lost to minorities. Derek leads a raid that was on a Korean business owner. Before any race war starts, Derek is jailed for his crime. Derek's lack of a father is now transferred to

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