Movement Essay

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It was a beautiful day, the brightness of the sun shining against the brilliant glowing white snow. Leah felt in her bag for her glasses, using an old vintage cloth to wipe the smudge of the screens as she put them on, she saw max rolling a cigarette with his rough yet beautifully delicate hands. Leah watched max as he walked effortlessly down the narrow cobbled street, aimlessly daydreaming as he came closer towards her. The strong breeze travelling through the trees, the sound echoed around the valley. Leah looked and Max and smiled. She started walking slowly to the worn out rusty car, the kind of car that looked discoloured and rancid like rusty bacon. As she got into the car, looking for her keys through her pale green coat. She heard a noise, the sound echoed throughout the valley. Her heart started pounding. She looked up, the top of the mountain covered with white sparkly snow. She heard the noise again once more. The snow instead of having a beautiful glow shining from the brightness of the sun turned dark and the edges started tumbling down like a swarm of bees. Wild with emotion she cried out to max in desperation. She saw him only a few feet away from her oblivious to everything around him but that of his deep inner thoughts. The avalanche was rushing further down the mountain swaying from side to side. You could hear the rush of wind hit the trees with extreme force. It was coming closer and closer. She had this sudden ache in her throat as she tried to shout to max though nothing was coming out of her dried terrified mouth. He disappeared into the mass amounts of snow coming down from each side. She watched as he was sucked into the rush of snow, just standing there. She could not move it was like she was paralyzed. A burst of ice hit her face. She woke up lying down in the ice cold snow, her voice frantic shouting out to max. She sprang up from the

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