Moutain Bank Essay

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1. Discuss the strategies that Mountain Bank should implement to achieve a competitive advantage? A strategy Mountain Bank should utilize if business-level strategy. Organizations using a differentiation strategy strive to produce goods and services that are somehow better than those produced by competitor. They usually strive to produce unique products and to offer exceptional service. The key to success for these organizations is having employees who so better things that the employees of other organizations. The bank tellers are critical in this operation of customer service. These persons should be extensively trained in customer service and efficiency. A Quality Assurance team should be developed to monitor the department. This team will meet daily and have in-depth meetings on improvement. The discussions should reflect “What’s working”. In fact that should be the name of the team. The tellers should feel empowered and be acknowledged for accomplishments. Mountain Bank should invest in this team effort, time and skills. The education given to this team of tellers will produce excellent employees. The opportunity for raises and bonuses should not be an option. Raises and bonuses along with promotions will be a given to those who want to aspire for greatness. The What’s working team will gather information to build the relationships with customers, educated by trainings on how to promote other major business lines. 2. Describe the types of practices a human resource professional should recommend for Mountain Bank with respect o its teller, based on the universalistic approach and commitment strategy. Based on the commitment strategy, the human resource professional should exhausts all means to educate the tellers. The trainings should be extensive and detained. The freedom to pursuer all areas of management and job growth should be
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