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Mouse Meat “Have you ever eaten mouse meat?” Most people are scared of mice and hate them. Mouse meat is not strange in Vietnamese cuisine, and it appears in the cuisine of several countries in the word. In my country, the people who live near the Cuu Long River in South Vietnam have a lot of methods to cook mouse meat depending on their taste preference. Mouse meat has a good sweet taste and smell. We never forget this taste when we eat. We could eat only the rats living in the field because they are clean and eat only rice. After the rice harvest, it is a good time to catch them for eating. The mouse meat is delicious because after they eat rice, they become big and fat. To process mouse meat is easy and simple with several steps. First, we dip the mouse in hot water to wait few minutes, peel the mouse skin, and remove innards, cut off the head, leg and tail, clean with pure water and white wine (wine made from rice). Next hang out mouse to dry for about 10 minutes. Second, we will mix mouse meat with a lot of spices such as: pepper, garlic, soy sauce, salt and sugar. We want meat mouse to smell good, greasy and sweet. We must add a little rice wine and more fresh coconut. Then we mix it all together and wait about 30 minutes for the meat to be soft and tender. Finally, we need to fill up a big pan with oil put it on the oven with a big flame and wait for the oil to come to a boil. Then put the mouse in a pan until the mouse meat is finished frying. The name for the food is “Mouse Fried Crispy”. “Mouse Fried Crispy” has a good taste when we eat it with white rice, soy sauce and mix vegetables. I like mouse fried crispy most of all because the mouse taste is like fried chicken. I have been eating mouse meat for a long time but I cannot forget that mouse taste. When I eat mouse meat, I could imagine a windy field,

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