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Sarah Castle Marketing Management 2000 Sec. ST01C Marketing Technology – Mourning 2.0 Mourning rituals in many societies involves dealing with the body of the deceased. Many cultures encourage family members to wash the body and dress or shroud it for burial, although in some regions this task is delegated to a funeral director. For people who do deal with their dead directly, the act of bathing and dressing the body can be a very important act of mourning. Depending on cultural values, the body may be buried or cremated immediately after it is prepared, or the deceased may be put on display so that visitors can say their goodbyes. Because death is unavoidable, every culture has developed specific ways of dealing with death. Many mourning rituals have a religious basis, but some are also practical; many desert cultures, for example, require bodies to be buried immediately, as high temperatures can trigger rapid decomposition. Other cultures require widows to remain in mourning for nine months to ensure that when they remarry, paternity of any children will be clear. As technology is evolving and cultures customs may change and evolve, but the cultures main core behaviors remain the same. The United States is greatly wrapped up in technology and use it for everything. Most cultures feel that a death or significant event that commences mourning should be held for that reason, not publically displayed through technology to remain there forever and celebrate every year. Yes, Mexico has Day of the Dead, but they don’t do that in celebration of the anniversaries of when their loved ones passed away, but instead of in remembrance of the lives they lived and to celebrate their families. Technology has greatly expanded the way in which some people mourn in a way that used to be unfathomable. Who would have ever thought that we would have virtual funerals or global

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