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Katie Henry English 101, Tuesday/Thursdays at 9:30-10:45 Prof. Menzel 12/1/14 Book Essay: Mountains Beyond Mountains Mountains Beyond Mountains, by Tracy Kidder, highlights the work of Dr. Paul Farmer. Farmer is a man who has dedicated his time and energy to help the ill people in even the poorest of countries. These people don’t have the proper medical care because they were deprived of money and a well-functioning hospital. Because of this, Farmer used his own money to provide the utilities he needed to help these sick people. This isn’t a typical biography about a man doing his part in the world. Kidder shows how people in underdeveloped nations need all the help they can get because of how unhealthy they are through the words and deeds of Farmer. He uses his talent and interjects his opinions and ideas that can help everyone grow personally as they travel through the book. Farmer takes what he does more seriously than just any ordinary job. He made it a mission in his life to help the less fortunate in Haiti who don’t have proper medical care. Farmer didn’t get into this career for the money or the power, he did this to make a difference in the world. This book helps us explore all the work he has accomplished thus far and gives us hope in to what he can continue to complete. He has shown how dedicated he is to this cause, especially to those who had infectious diseases, mainly tuberculosis and AIDS. No matter what he did throughout his life, he always kept Haiti in his thoughts. When he worked in Boston, he still set up a Partners in Health to help out the needy in Haiti. It is easy to say that Farmer is a selfless person, some have even discussed calling him a saint. If someone calls him a saint, he always makes sure to tell them that he isn’t. He doesn’t let these things get to his head, but takes it humbly. He had strong influences from priests

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