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Susana Oliva Beautiful Montains in Differents Continents Have you ever gone to the mountains? Well, let me tell you that I am a very lucky girl, because I have been able to go to different kind of mountains on Peru and United States. I realized with this experience that those mountains are beautiful and different at the same time, like how high they are, their location and their beautyl. First of all, I am from Peru, and I had the opportunity to grow up close to the mountains called “Los Andes”.. You have to see the top of these mountains, how beautiful they look with the snow on top of them. Yes, they are very high, and when you are there you can feel that weird sensation called “the high sickness”, it feels like you do not have oxygen, but after one day drinking coca leaf tea, at least in Peru and Bolivia, and taking rest, you start to feel better. When I moved to the United States with my family, I had this beautiful and long trip to Georgia. We drove from Miami toward north side of Florida until we arrived to Georgia, there was a beautiful place called Stone Mountain. I remember it was Christmas, so we were lucky because we found an amazing hotel in the middle of nowhere, just mountains and pine trees everywhere. Those beautiful mountains are not as high as the mountains in Los Andes. They are smaller but you can see more vegetation, forests, flowers and lakes around it. It was cold like being in Los Andes, but not too cold, the weather was perfect in Stone Mountain. Second, “Los Andes” is a group of mountains located in the center of Peru, and they cross the entire continent of South America, they go from the most southern point in Chile, passing through Argentina, Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, Colombia and Venezuela. The terrain around it are very beautiful and interesting. They are located between the jungles of Brazil and Peru, and the

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