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Mountain West Health Plans Inc. Anitra Bender Professor Edwin Quinn, Jr. MGT 500 December 15, 2012 Mountain West Health Plans Inc. Martin Quinn is the senior vice president for service and operations of Mountain West Plans, Inc, which is a Denver –based insurance company located in Denver. It was established in 1949 and incorporated in Colorado (Manta). Quinn is faced with securing a new hire to take the place of the retiring, Evelyn Gustafson, who once held the position of Customer Service Director. The company has held high praise from the customers in the past, and this is the same reputation Martin would like to keep, while bringing in a new hire for the position, however, at the same time, decreasing costs throughout the company. The company is facing issues that could possibly cause its’ demise or its’ success. It is a long-standing company within the community, and its employment turnover rate remained at 10%, under Evelyn’s tenure. The resolution of the issues and underlying reasons are critical, and the company needs answers. Issues faced by Martin Quinn Martin Quinn and the company face multiple issues. A major issue is the decision manage costs and better control the budget costs. Whereas multiple reactions have been considered, the most impacting decision would be to decrease the training of employees to better balance the budget. This decision will save the company a vast amount of funds a year because training employees will ensure the company spends less money and the budget will be highly impacted. The company can receive a better return with this as well, because not only are they not training employees, they do not have to account for funding paychecks to those that are actually producing the training. However, due to this decision, customers will not receive 100% accuracy from the representatives regarding their insurance

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