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Designing and Constructing of a Five-Floors Level Hotel Building Prepare by: Alieu T. Massaley BUS 517-Project Management Prepare for: Dr. Blue Strayer University April 28, 2013 The Designing and Constructing of a Five-floor Level Hotel Project Type and Existing Business Problem Corina Hotel and Guest House, a privately owned company, is one of Liberia’s fastest growing premier providers of hotel rooms, apartments and guest houses. This Hotel is strategically situated on Tubman Boulevard; Sinkor in the heart of the city .The Ideal location of this Hotel makes it easily accessible to the city center, nice beaches and nightlife ( Based upon the growth and success of the company and coupled with its quest to satisfy their customers whilst competing to earn and retain a top spot on the real estate market in Liberia, the company has decided to invest in the construction of a five-floor level Hotel building. Therefore, the Architecture Engineering firm of MANJA Engineering Incorporated was hired for the implementation of this proposed project-the designing and constructing of a five-floor level Hotel building. This success project is not only equivalent to an increase in return on investment (ROI) for the company but can also be seen as a tremendous contribution to the post war reconstruction process of Liberia. Having fought a civil war for 14 years, this country lies in ruin with little or no good infrastructure. Upon the completion, this project will provide accommodations for visitors entering the country (infrastructure development), provide jobs for the locals (economic development) and increase revenues for the company (profits). Major Deliverables of the Project The deliverables on a project are the specific work products that you have to produce in order to complete the

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