Mountain of Crumbs Essay

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Jeff Allen Burt Fitzgerald EN201 5 September 2012 Chapter Review I was very disappointed when I read the first chapter of A Mountain of Crumbs. It was really depressing. I was hoping for a bunch of Russians drinking vodka and doing random stuff, instead I read about oppression and Communists. I don’t like Communists of oppressive people. They both really ruin my day. I do not think communists would like me but I don’t care. They can get bent. Russians were really good at hockey back in those communist years, until they ran into the United States of Ass kicking back in 1980. If you ask me, Herb Brooks single handedly took down the U.S.S.R. with his coaching in Lake Placid. Not too many people can take a group of college punks and turn them into Olympic gold medalists. But he did and I salute him. The Russians have really gone downhill since those days. I mean at the last Olympics they lost to Canada for the first time since 1960. Sure, Canada ended up winning the gold but they are not four goals better than the Russians. The Russians have Ovechkin, who is the best player in the world, and Evgini Nobakov keeping the biscuit out of the basket. All this talking about hockey is making me sad because there is going to be a lockout this year which means no hockey. All the greedy owners should get bent. What is a million more dollars if you are already a millionaire? Its people like these who are ruining America. Pretty soon we are going to turn into Soviet

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