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Mountain Man – Bringing the Brand to Light Brad Turner 1. What company/organization is the subject of the problem? * Company – Mountain Man Beer Company * Subject – Chris Prangel, Manager of Marketing Operations and Future President and Owner 2. Identify the strategic marketing dimension to the company’s situation. * New product line * Should the company stray from its’ one product line, Mountain Man Lager, into a new product line, Mountain Man Light? * New customer segment * Consumption of light beer is increasing in a key customer segment (younger drinkers) that account for 27% of consumption 3. What is the significance of the problem to the subject? * Strength * Mountain Man is a market leader in West Virginia and has an established brand name with strong brand equity. Mountain Man’s strong brand awareness motivates consumers to both purchase their lager and follow them to new products. * Weakness * A new product line will spread their thin resources and their financials do not allow them to advertise in the crowded light beer market. * Opportunities * Reach a younger demographic and gain share in on premise locations such as restaurants and bars. Regional revenue growth of the light beer product is steadily increasing by 4% annually. * Threats * Moving to a new product line could hurt the core brand. The new product could cannibalize the Lager and/or act as a substitute. Economies of scale of the large national brands allow them to advertise and market light beers to the younger demographic. 4. What are the decision options? * New Product Line * Effect on Mountain Man Lager and ability to produce with current resources or cost to increase resources. * New Customer Segment * Consumption of light beer is increasing in a

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