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Marketing Research : Mountain Bell Case 1) What may be the reasons for Industrial Surveys recommending in-depth individual interviews instead of focus groups in this context? The decision of Industrial Surveys to recommend individual interviews instead of focus groups can be explained by different factors. First, they need real in-depth information because they already carried out a mail survey that ended-up being too general. Focus groups are not as in-depth as a personal interview because there is less part for individuality and interviewees can be influenced by the others and then it’s hard to have a real insight of one’s true feelings. Furthermore, the nature of the questions favors a personal interview approach. Indeed, the persons interviewed are hospital administrators and some of the areas treated are confidential and can’t be revealed to other hospital’s administrators or competition. Themes like the purchasing decision, the budget, the main problems or the information flows efficiency are not topics to talk about in a focus group full of competitors. We can also argue that, as the interview will be held with the Hospital administrators and when it’s possible the Telecommunication manager and the financial officer, it will already be a small group interview so a focus group with subdivisions of 3 people from each hospitals is not convenient to have a proper understanding of each structure. Finally, the consumer population here is limited to telecommunication users in hospitals and more precisely to the administrators, telecommunication managers and financial officers, so they Mountain Bell Company doesn’t need a large sample, in fact they will interview only 14 hospitals, so a focus group is not relevant in this situation as its main advantage compared to individual interviews is that the data collection speed is higher. 2) What are the

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