Mount Kosciuszko Ecosystems

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Some ecosystems are considered to be a risk. They may be subject to be both natural stress and human-induced modifications. Discuss the vulnerability and resilience of these” at risk” ecosystems. Introduction Ecosystems in the Murray Darling Basin and the Australian Alps; specifically the Kosciuszko National park, are considered to be at risk due to the management of the land and the environment, traditionally and contemporary. A contribution to ecosystem being at risk is from the natural stress and human-induced modification the environment has experienced through years of management. The Murray–Darling Basin is a large geographical area;14%, in the interior of south-eastern Australia ( System in crisis ), It drains around one-seventh…show more content…
Issues such as habitat loss, grazing, tourism, threatened native species, feral animals in the Mount Kosciuszko. The reasons for this dramatic decline in Human-induced modification and natural induced. Early generations of grazing and practices such as deforestation have also played a major role in the ecological disaster that is the Mount Kosciuszko. (Map of Mount Kosciuszko) Mount Kosciuszko is incredibly diverse weathering many different ecosystems, forests, , mountain ranges. The Mount Kosciuszko supports a significant portion of Australia’s biodiversity including species of flora and fauna found only within the Mount Kosciuszko; pygmy possum, broad tooth rat and the spotted tail quoll. This variability provides for major breeding events of birds, fish and other fauna. Natural induces stress that has made the ecosystem of Mount Kosciuszko vulnerable is extreme strong winds, high rain fall, and high run-off falling snow-melt, large fluctuations of diurnal and seasonal temperatures and low mean temperatures. Having extreme weathering leads to loosening of soil which results in soil to be shallow, acidic and contain little organic matter which are easily…show more content…
Tourism has caused habitat loss for those endemic animals of the environment, specifically the pygmy possum. The pygmy possum is endemic to this environment, coz of its extreme weather for breeding and hibernation. The construction of homes and resorts at Mount Kosciuszko has resulted in the loss of habitat for the pygmy possums. The loss of habitat has resulted in man-made homes for these animals. The location of this home for the pygmy possum was made difficult for breeding of these animals. The segregation of the habitat for female and male pygmy possums has resulted in the males having to travel through the resorts and homes of the tourist and even out in the open, this makes them vulnerable to feral animals such as foxes and

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