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Mount Joy Prison Mount Joy Prison was built in 1850. This prison was meant to hold 500 criminals and they said that it would never be filled completely but to this day there is almost double the amount of criminals that should be there. The criminals in the prison consist of drug users, car thieves, rapists and house burglars. The rapists have to be separated from the rest of the criminals because all the other people would kick the crap out of the rapists. In the mornings, the guards would get down along the cells as quick as possible, unlock all the cell doors and ask the inmates were they getting up. Some of them got up out of bed but most of them just stayed lying in bed with the blankets over them. However, whenever it came to the later stage of the day, the guards would get down along the cells and open them but this time they didn't ask the inmates were they getting up because they know that they are. All the inmates get out of bed at this time because they will be getting their methadone so they all get down into the line and wait to get the methadone. Those who were on drugs before they…show more content…
Although, even though they were getting medication for the absence of drugs, they had people on the outside launching in drugs over the prison wall taped to batteries of bolts. When this did happen, the rest of the prisoners would surround the person getting the drugs while he opened it so that the guards couldn't see what was happening. The other way they got drugs into the prison was by getting their girlfriend to bring them in in their mouth covered by perfume or something to mask the smell so the dogs can't smell them. When she kissed the person she would give him the drugs which he would then swallow so the guards couldn't do anything to stop it. Then the person would go back and take a crap, wash the drugs off and use them themselves or sell them to other

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