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Moulin Rouge Moulin Rouge is a movie that was taken place at Fox Studios in Sydney, Australia, in 2001. The movie Moulin Rouge was directed and produced by Baz Luhrmann along with other produce like Fred Baron, and Martin Brown. Moulin Rouge was written by Baz Luhrmann and Craig Pearce. The production designer of the movie is Catherine Martin, who is also a co-producer. There are two art director, the first is Annie Beauchamp (aka as Ann Marie Beauchamp) and the second art director is Ian Gracie who is the supervising art director. The cinematography was conducted by Donald McAlpine. The director is the principal creative artist on a movie set. A director is usually the driving artistic source behind the films process, and communicates to actors the way that he/she would like a particular scene played. A director's duties might also include casting, script editing, shot selection, shot composition, and editing. A director has complete artistic control over all aspects of the movie, but it is not uncommon for the director to be bound by agreements with either a producer or a studio. In some varieties of productions, a director will delegate less important scenes to a second unit. The production designer is responsible for designing the overall visual appearance of the movie. The art director’s job is to oversees the artists and craftspeople who build the sets of a movie. The lighting of the movie Moulin Rouge is set in the mood of love and romance lighting. It is that the director has the light to a more of a romantic scene because of the title of the movie. The movie Moulin Rouge is a movie that contains drama, romance and is also considered as a musical because there is a lot of singing in the movie to bring it to more of a Broadway show for the Broadway lovers. The lighting is very important to a movie because it sets the mood of the movie and where it is

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