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Perception is the process of selecting, organizing, and interpreting information. Each person’s unique physical capabilities affect what they perceive and how they understand it. The individual perception factors that affect the individuals communicating are differences in visual acuity and complexity of constructs based on interests. I perceived the woman to be of Middle Eastern descent and the young man to be of Hispanic descent, which itself could be a communication barrier due to language and dialect. If the young man cannot understand what she is trying to communicate to him, it can make him lose interest as the lesson continues. He also seems as if he has a slight smirk on his face like whatever the woman is saying is humorous to him, which in a learning environment means he is not engaged in the lesson. As an elementary school teacher myself, you are taught to look at the body language of the students to know who is and who is not engaged in the lesson. Visual acuity commonly refers to the clarity of vision. The reason I chose this factor is because of how close the young man is to the book and how the instructor seems as if she is reading as well as following the words with her finger. That leads me to believe that he probably can’t see the words well on the book. If he comes from a low-income community and his family does not have health care, then maybe he never thought about getting his vision checked because his parents are not in a position to pay for it. Now on the other hand everything I perceived this visual to be could be totally wrong which is why you can’t act on perception alone. I’ve learned in life that you have to deal with facts, things that could be proven, because a perception is just a theory that your thoughts created due to certain

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