Motown Music Research Paper

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Motown Music Research Paper The story of Motown takes you on a musical journey from Motown’s humble beginnings in downtown Detroit, USA to the magical heights of its global success. The story of Motown features so many classical hits and artist that all reflect upon this much loved period of music history. Motown Records has been, admittedly, one of the largest and most successful independent record labels in the history of music. Founded by Berry Gordy Jr., an inspirational and insightful leader, who assembled a diligent group of musicians, producers, songwriters, and artists, Motown has changed the sound of music in the 1960s, not only in the United States, but also around the globe, carrying the distinguished title as: The First American music label owned by an African-American. (Fontenot, Web Article) In this paper, I will discuss the origins and brief history of Motown music and how it got to be one of history’s most primitive music styles. Music echoes social changes and as such it bears the weight of the expression of the people. In the 1950s, in the fear of racial segregation, black communities were still fighting for their right to social freedom. The founding of Motown Records in Detroit in 1959 joined the passionate opposition of the civil rights movement to racial, social, economical and political discrimination and individual, police and mass violence against black people. By assembling an impressive roster of talented artists, Motown managed to break down the social and racial barriers and become the most important independent record label of the early 1960s in the history of pop music. (Cruz, Web Article) Berry Gordy Jr., a former professional boxer, Korean War veteran, and automobile worker, was a promising songwriter when he took the decision to establish Motown Records. (Fontenot, Web Article) Under the urging of Smokey Robinson, a
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