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MOTIVATION PAPER Kenisha Harvey California College Psychology 101 26 April 2012 Carolyn Toth, MS Abstract In this paper, there will be a discussion on my short term and long term goals. Also discussed are the fears that I have in returning to college and what I will do to conquer these fears. Then the discussion will cover those for whom I thank for supporting me at this time for my educational goals. Motivation Paper I spent 12 years serving in the United States Army, holding many different jobs from Post Command Sargent Major’s Aid to Battalion Mail Clerk. I have been on several different tours, including Washington State, Germany, Korea, and El Paso. I liked being overseas better, there is so much more to see. After the Army I moved to San Diego, California to live with my sister Raychelle Lee. I started going to the University of Phoenix (UOP), Majoring in Psychology. The course make up was kind of confusing to me; the homework assignments were before we learned would learn it in class. Also, every class had a group assignment, which was a big percent of my grade. I do not mind working in groups except when members keep changing the date of when we will work on the project. In the end we would be working harder to complete an assignment two hours before class. With the difficulties I was having with UOP I transferred to California College. Short and Long Term Goals I find my short-term goals a little difficult because I am a big procrastinator and I am a big distraction to myself. I tend to put things off, even though I know I need to do them right away. When, I get home from class I am still awake until 2:00 a.m. I know I will not go to bed right away but I still do not use the time to study, do homework, or rewrite my note.

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