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Advantages of electric induction (motors) Ease of Operation • Because of the three-phase induction method of producing power, induction motors are easy to operate. As a result, these motors are well-suited for large uses, such as in industries. Operation is relatively simple because the induction motor cans self-start. The motor can self-start because there are no electrical connectors to the rotor that supply power, and current is induced by the action the transformer performs on the rotor because of the low resistance of the rotating coils. In huge industrial applications, this can result in reducing the effort needed for maintenance. Energy Output • Another major advantage of induction motors is that the transformer, one of their integral parts, works only with AC motors. Its energy output can be moderated for both low and high voltage uses, ranging from 12V for household uses to up to 240V for industrial uses. This quality enables it to drastically reduce waste in electric power. The same reduction in waste can also be achieved in a DC motor, but the process is far more complicated Ability to be connected directly to the AC source • Another advantage of electric induction motors is their ability to be connected directly to the AC source. This may not mean much in household uses, but in industrial uses, this can be an important cost saver. Since the basic electric design has graduated into an electronic one over the years, an induction motor is easy to program for its various

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