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Hello My name is and I am your Motor Club of America team sponsor. My member I.D. number is 11652029 , which you will need when filling out and sending in your TVC Marketing associates agreement. Associate Agreement W-9 Form State Licensing Requirements (Not all states require you to be licensed as a Motor Club Agent to sell motor club products. The Associate Agreement, W-9 Form, and the State Motor Club Agent Licensing Form, if applicable, need to be returned to us as quickly as possible to avoid any interruption or delays in commission payments.)…show more content…
MCA Training: (Training Manual) (Recruiter/Trainer Manual) Pro-Driver Training: (Training Manual) (Recruiter/Trainer Manual) Flip Charts/Presentations: (MCA Platinum Presentation) (MCA Presentation) (MCA Presentation-California) (MCA Presentation-New York) (Pro-Driver Flip Chart) (Pro-Driver Flip Chart Bubble Presentation) (Pro-Driver Flip Chart-Texas) (Pro-Driver Flip Chart Bubble Presentation-Texas) (Pro-Driver Flip Chart-California) (Pro-Driver Flip Chart Bubble…show more content…
Be sure to take notes and write down any questions you may have. You can send me an email any time and I will get back to you as soon as I have a free moment. Please put MCA so I know it is not junk in the subject. You can also call the associate line at 1-866-467-2221 and they will be able to answer your questions as well. Add me as a friend on Facebook so I can add you to my support group. Here I will provide some valuable information regarding MCA. Here is my number as well 304-610-8142. If I do not answer please leave me a message and I will return your call as soon as I can. Please keep in mind it may take a while as my entire team will have access to this number and I may have many calls to return. Thanks in advance for your

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