Motivational Statement on Critical Action Learning Essay

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Motivational Statement Embarking on and completion of the Doctor of Business Administration Programme at the University of Liverpool is a key part of my career development plan to move into the next level of my career, which is business consulting and mentoring. The University of Liverpool DBA program will allow me demonstrate my experience in using research as tool in solving business management related challenges. My Educational background in Accounting and work experience while moving up the corporate hierarchy has provided me the opportunity to learn and has prepared me on matters concerning the different levels of business management in various industries and marketplace. My experience, which includes over 12 years of senior management to Top management level within different business sectors span over 2 or 3 continents, if you consider that Achilles Group Ltd., where I was the Managing director is an European company with European management culture. UniHOLD the company I am currently the Group Managing Director has revenues of over 175 million dollars and over 150 employees. Action Research that I will engage in during the DBA program at the University of Liverpool will immensely add to my professional knowledge and experience. I am looking forward to researching areas of the effect of cultural diversity on business performance in Africa. I have been involved at different levels of management within various industries in which very often in my career and I have researched into various topics to gain knowledge and understanding in various areas within business management and administration. Research has benefited my career and has been instrumental in my growing profitable businesses. In preparation for my next career goal, which is to move into business consulting and mentoring in emerging markets, the advantages of participating and

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