Motivational Methods Paper

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Running head: Motivational Methods Paper 1 Motivational Methods Paper Kaylonda Roberts University of Phoenix Author Note This paper was prepared for HCS/325 taught by Dr. Jones. Motivational Methods Paper 2 Abstract Identifying methods health care managers can implement to foster a supportive environment for staff members and the teams they work with. Motivational Methods Paper 3 Motivational Techniques Change can be very traumatic for many people let alone a health care organization and the feeling of being upset about the unknown. When everything seems to be running smoothly, but behind the scene lays an internal financial problem with the organization, noticeable issues come up externally. The only way to remedy these issues is that each department must be downsized, and it is up to each manager to begin preparing his or her team for the changes. One of the changes to be addresses involves motivational techniques, and I, as the manager of my subdivision must research and understand various motivational methods to lead and implement to my employees that change can be good and create positive growth. According to our readings with Lombardi & Schermerhorn, (2007) explaining the process theories to be understood as; “equity, expectancy, and goal-setting theories each offer advice and insight on how people actually make choices to work hard or not based on their individual preferences, the available rewards, and possible work outcomes.” I, as manager need to recognize that each and every employee has the need to feel secure in their positions especially during an environment changing situation such as downsizing their departmental surroundings. These employees may put less effort into their jobs, ask for better treatment, start to compare to other departments for making things seem better, or even transferring or
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