Motivational Methods and Programs

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Motivation is an area of psychology that has gotten a great deal of attention, especially in the recent years. The reason is because we all want to be successful, we all want direction and drive, and we all want to be seen as motivated. Job Enrichment is making a job more motivational and satisfying by adding variety, responsibility, and managerial decision making. It provides workers sense of ownership, responsibility, and accountability for their jobs. Jobs are enriched by including more planning, decision making, and responsibility by workers. The Guidelines for Implementing Job Enrichment include the determination if employees need or want more responsibility, variety, and growth; identification workers with strong needs for growth and offer them more challenge and responsibility in performing enriched work; and lastly, using brainstorming to pinpoint changes for those who want enrichment. Organizational Behavior Modification is the application of reinforcement theory for motivating people in work settings. It focuses on behavior that requires change or is desired. Typically uses positive reinforcement rather than punishment and it links desired behavior with positive consequences (more effective and less controversial than using negative motivators). Leaders need to apply such motivational methods to effectively stimulate their organizational unit as a whole and the individuals within it. Once done, their units will reach peak performance, free from slowdowns and negative influences. Motivational methods are effective when they are aimed at individual satisfaction. This is necessary to understand because methods that are positive motivators for some employees are not always effective for others. Each individual is driven by specific needs that determine their performance and whether or not they will accept new assignments. If specific needs are not met, it

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