Motivational Methods Essay

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Motivational Methods Diana Curry HCS/325 14 May 2013 Dr. Lisa Spencer * Change is inevitable; in life, in time, and in all relationships or partnerships whether personal or professional. In any professional setting, particularly in health care, change is to be expected. Direction from higher management had been sent down to the manager instructing that their particular department was to be downsized, and that they were to begin the preparation process for the changes ahead for the teams that were to be retained within the department. As management of any department, this form of news is likely to cause stress, instability, chaos, lowered moral, hampered productivity, conflict, and even inappropriate behaviors among staff once the news of the downsizing is known (Bakhare, R., 2010). It is now the sole responsibility of the manager to research and understand pertaining motivational methods to implement the significant change. “Transformational change represents leadership-driven modifications of culture, formulation of drastically different strategy, or demands for conformity due to a merger or acquisition by a dominant company. Although transformational change is disruptive in nature, its successful execution has been identified as leading to increased competitiveness, to the extent that an organization can clearly differentiate itself in the market” (Gilley, A., Gilley, J. W., & McMillan, H. S., 2008). It is imperative in this given situation that the manager instills motivation throughout the department through job satisfaction, goal setting, and job enrichment. Also considering theoretical concepts that relate such as the deficit principle and progressive principle; and what it is that these have to potentially achieve success within the organization. Without the management analyzing the effects of motivation within the department, it is

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