Motivation of Training Essay

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Training : 1Q) Outline reasons why business trains their workforce? 1A) Business can make their staff better by training. The workers can become more productice by teaching them more effective ways of working. Works become more used to equipment and technology. Workers become educated with new methods of working such as shifting from line production methods of sales methods, this causes the workers to become more flexible and useful to the business as would be able to undertake more than one task. If the workers have improved standerds then the quality of products improve. Training also helps implementes health and safety because worker are familiar with surrounding enviroments. 2Q) Briefly describe the following training methods? 2A) Induction Training - this is training for people who are starting the job from fresh. It is designed to help workers settle into the work place quickly. The length of the training depends of the type of job and the size of the company, for example a university grad may have a year long induction. The induction attempts to introduce the workers to the nature of the business and health and saftey issues. On - The - Job Training - The training is done in the work place. There are many way this could happen: Learning from other workers - where the new worker would work with them and observe other workers. Mentoring - This is where more experienced workers provide advice and help to less expierenced. Job Rotation - This is where a worker spends a period of time doing one job then changed to another. Eventually recieving broad expirence needed for more specialist job. Off - The - Job Training - The training takes place outside the business by an external training provider, for example a local college. For example one day a week catering course or trainee acountant might have a more intensive course. It provides courses which

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